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The aim of this website is to assist and educate beekeepers, to encourage beekeeping as a hobby, and to promote natural beekeeping methods.   Not affiliated to any Beekeeping Association so you wont get any news from any. Just beekeeping articles.    All  Beekeepers are always welcome to send in Articles for inclusion.

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Fera Annual Bee reports.
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Below are some leaflets and tips to help you gain more understanding of your bees and any problems you may have with them. Just click on any of the links. You will then be able to look at them and print them out.

Varroa Control Leaflet Small Hive Beetle Leaflet Tropilaelaps Mites Leaflet Basics Beekeeping Manual Handling and Examining Bees
Open Mesh Floors Leaflet Estimating Varroa Leaflet Wax Moth Leaflet Integrated Pest Management Hive Cleaning
Curry Method of Swarm Control Feeding Bees Guide to Swarming Useful Tips Make a solar wax extractor
Development of the Egg Making a Nucleus Trickle Method of Varroa Control Trapping Varroa  Acetic Acid for Nosema Control
Replacing Old Comb Drone Brood Removal Queen Trapping Shook Swarm Method Wasp Problems

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