Disease and Pests


Varroa and Sugar Dusting.          Study in Varroa Control     Bailey Comb ChangeApiLire Var           ApiGuard           Simple and Safe Varroa Mite Control   

Control of Varroa Destructor in Honey Bee Colonies.      General itemsVarroa control with Oxalic Acid          Varroa and sugar dusting        A study in Varroa Control.

Varroa Control Management Options            Varroa control without using any chemicals.From BeeBase 1         From BeeBase 2       Using Oxalic Acid

What you can use in the UK to treat Bees


Nosema leaflet 1   Nosema Leaflet 2

American Foulbrood

American Foulbrood Leaflet 1         American Foulbrood Leaflet 2

European Foulbrood

European Foulbrood Leaflet 1         European Foulbrood Leaflet 2


Wax Moth Leaflet 1      Wax Moth leaflet 2

Small Hive Beetle

Small Hive Beetle Leaflet 1