The Late Dave Cushman's brilliant website. Lots of info about bees.


Bee Data 

Nothing to do with bees but a great nature site about Bats and British Mammals

Sugar Free Recipes.   A great site for all you sugar free cooks out there

The Recycle Works

Friends of Bees a Beekeeping Charity... Worth a look at

Thailand Honey Bee Farm and Research Centre

For those of you who are interested in Bee Art

Beekeeping for Kids or should we say  the next generation of Beekeepers

An interesting site about Bumblebees

BEE-L listserv: Informed Discussion of Beekeeping Issues and Bee Biology


NOVA Online | Tales from the Hive

Web Links to the world of beekeeping  sites. You name it its here

Something for the beginners

Honey Traveler website