We have included here plans for hives and equipment. Click on each individual link and the plans will come up in PDF format where you can then print out.

More plans will be included when they become available so please keep watching this space

The plans for the British National Hive are the same for the Commercial and other Hives . The only difference is in the sizes of the brood boxes and supers.

Click here for the dimensions of each individual hive and supers


11 Frame British National Beehive             10 Frame Langstroth Hive                  10 Frame WBC Hive                  5 Frame Nucleus

3 Frame Observation Hive                 Dadant Frames               Varroa floor for Langstroth Hive(same for other hives only alter the dimensions)

Solar Wax Extractor     Single Hive Stand      Snelgrove Board      4 Way Mini Mating Nucleus       20 Frame Honey Extractor